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Whatcom Food & Farm Finder Now Available as Google Map

Sustainable Connections has loaded its Whatcom Food & Farm Finder brochure into a very cool interactive online map. The map key lists all vendors in alphabetical order, with icons that identify the type of business: leaf for farms, basket for shopping, knife and fork for restaurants. Click on a business name for details, contact information, and directions.

View Whatcom Food & Farm Finder Map in a larger map

QiGong for Health & Longevity at Whatcom Community College

QiGong (or Chi Kung) is a gentle yet powerful set of meditations and exercises that focuses on building physical health and inner tranquility. Harmonize body, breath, and mind as you learn stillness within movement and movement in stillness. Reduce stress, get a workout, build energy, and develop self-awareness.

Art Baner has an extensive background in Chinese martial arts, yoga, exercise therapy, and meditation practice. Course is suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical conditioning. The course is five sessions; there’s also an option to bundle with five sessions of Tai Chi. Classes start April 12, with QiGong at 6:30pm and Tai Chi at 7:30. A second section begins May 17. Register here.

Dr. Cherrelyn Seegers , D.C. to give talk at Butterfly LIFE Sunnyland

Eating for Healing with Dr. Cherrelyn Seegers , D.C.
Thursday, February 24 at 6:00pm
Butterfly LIFE Sunnyland (Next to Trader Joe’s)
2460 James St.
Bellingham, WA, 98225

Did you know that inflammation can make it hard to lose weight and harder to heal from injuries? Learn how to identify what your problem foods might be and how to deal with it.

Dr. Cherrelyn Seegers has had a practice in Bellingham for the past 13 years and her passion is working with all kinds of athletes. Dr. Seegers utilizes a variety of techniques to achieve complete restoration of movement. Patients are always instructed that stretching and strengthening exercises are necessary to their care and that core strengthening and nutrition are needed to keep bodies in top performance shape.