Cinnamon and their Medical Applications

One may think of cinnamon as a delicious addition to morning oatmeal or as a great flavor to the daily coffee but its effects are much more beyond that. Medical properties of cinnamon are myriad and as abundant as they are scrumptious. Cinnamon provides the right kind of cure for both the digestive complaints as well as the heart problems. However, diabetes and weight loss are also other additional factors that suggest why cinnamon deserves to be a staple in every spice rack.

Cinnamon offers a great solution for vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramping and even diarrhea. It also proves to be a great herb that regulates healthy levels of blood sugar. It can also be used for treatment of respiratory functions and cold since it is a popular warming herb. It is the popular spice that was considered even more precious than the gold in the earlier days.

Cinnamon’s medicinal value has also forced the pharmaceutical companies and supplements manufacturers to take note of its effective operation in the human body. They have been used in almost everything right from the foot of the athlete to the indigestion problems. Cinnamon has also proved its worth and showed how it can have favorable effects on the brain functions.

Early civilizations also recognized its importance and ability to control the harmful bacterial growth. In the middle ages, cinnamon was also used for mixing with the warm water and the cloves, after which it was kept in the rooms of the sick victims of the dangerous plague.

People who included cinnamon in their eating habits had better memory functions. They could also process information quickly. According to the recent Japanese study, cinnamon can not only help in soothing stomach but it can also prevent possibilities of ulcers.

Cinnamon also appears to be quite safe with the people suffering from diabetes. However, the ones suffering from liver damage need to be extra careful since large doses of cinnamon can enhance liver problems rather than mitigating them. However, people who are suffering from serious health conditions must first talk to their doctors before taking cinnamon supplement.

Cinnamon supplements are better considered as a food rather than a drug. Unlike the other medications, supplement makers don’t always have to prove that their products are meant to be safe and effective. However, a supplement can be forced to move away from the market in case they are found to be unsafe.

Today, more than 50 million Americans are believed to suffer from heart disease or diabetes. Since cinnamon also helps control the cholesterol levels along with the blood sugar levels, there is no wonder why cinnamon supplements are most preferred. Cinnulin benefits people with diabetes since cinnamon also mimics insulin in the body.

Few people always prefer to use cinnamon in the form of supplement which is definitely a far more safer and effective way with the help of which cinnamon can be incorporated in the body. However, one must always ensure that quality supplement is picked before use. One should also choose cinnamon supplements in brand and labeled with the safer quality seal. It guarantees that the supplement is free from harmful ingredients or contaminants.

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