Constant Pain or Tramadol? What should an Expectant Mother Choose?

These questions arise in mind of every pregnant woman suffering from pain. Will I hurt my baby? Is there a possibility of any birth defects because of Tramadol intake? We will try to find the answers to all the questions that bother expectant mothers. But first let`s have a closer look at the pill we are talking about.

What is Tramadol?

Tramadol (Ultram) is a narcotic opioid drug aimed at fighting moderate to severe pain sensations. It is effective against severe headache, migraine, arthritis, back pain and lots of other pain manifestations, which may be connected with pregnancy.

Possible dangers of Tramadol intake during pregnancy

It is difficult to identify the threats of Tramadol intake for expectant mothers and their fetuses. According to the FDA classification, Tramadol belongs to the drugs, which shouldn`t be taken during pregnancy.

There is not much information concerning its safe usage in pregnant women. Nevertheless, animal studies showed the influence of the preparation on the development of the embryo and the fetus.

On the other hand, several researches were held on this issue in people and none of them gave a definite answer concerning risks for the unborn babies. There is no obvious connection between Tramadol intake and the birth defects found in the experimental group.

So, is Tramadol safe for pregnant women?

Different healthcare providers have different points of view. Hence, you should consult your doctor and weigh all the pros and cons. Only a specialist who knows your situation perfectly well will be able to evaluate all the risks for the fetus.

Nevertheless, it is known for sure that Tramadol reaches the fetus through placenta; hence, it affects the baby. Based on experience of women, who took Tramadol during pregnancy, it may cause such defects in newborns:

  • Low birth weight;
  • Heart defects;
  • Club foot;
  • Withdrawal syndrome in newborns.

In addition, the risk of miscarriage in women taking Tramadol is four times higher than in those not taking the drug.

Anyway, suffering constant pain is no good for both the woman and the fetus. That’s why it’s better to take the pill. The maximum recommended daily dosage is 100mg, though there are some user reports, who claim that 300 mg a day haven’t affected the baby.

Every situation is unique because different people have different reactions to the same dose of the drug, so consult your doctor before starting Tramadol intake.

Are there any peculiarities of pregnancy on Tramadol?

If there is no other effective treatment of pain, expectant mother may take Tramadol at the lowest effective dose. Usually, taking Tramadol doesn`t require any special monitoring of pregnancy. These women have to undergo the same analysis as any other pregnant women do.

Still, certain risks are possible. It`s better to stop Tramadol intake in the last trimester of pregnancy to avoid the withdrawal syndrome in the newborn baby. In case it`s not possible, the baby may develop some symptoms of withdrawal including seizures, abnormal muscular activity and irritability. These symptoms may manifest themselves in the first month of baby`s life.

That`s why these children should be paid special attention. Fortunately, withdrawal syndrome in newborn children mostly develops if the mother was taking Tramadol in high doses.

Those, who follow the doctor`s recommendations reduce the probability of such problems in their babies.

Anyway, being pregnant means being responsible not only for your life but also for the life of the unborn baby. The safety as well as the danger of Tramadol during pregnancy is a relative question and everyone should make a choice for himself.

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